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I sat on the floor. Crying. Trying to find some reason why I shouldn’t end it all. My life a series of bad choices and awful consequences. I felt lonely and afraid. I needed hope.

That’s the day I met Him. It wasn’t dramatic. I experienced no visions or impressions. It was in the reading of a little book. Right there from the page of that book with one simple question, He offered me a different life. God reached down and pulled me out of my private hell. His grace gave me the strength to walk away from a life of sexual sin, alcohol and drug abuse. Those things never gave me life.

My story is not unlike yours. The details are different, but the end result is the same. We are all spiritually bankrupt and in desperate need of the saving love of Jesus.

Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth’s new book The Day I Met Jesus, reminds me (once again) there is no one that is beyond Jesus’ reach. No one too dirty or too messed up. Jesus longs for us to reach out and touch the fringe of His robe. He offers us Living Water to quench our parched throats. He rescues us from our spiritual adultery and He heals us from our hemorrhaging souls. He aches for us to call Him our friend.

The Day I Met Jesus is a wonderfully intimate journey of five familiar New Testament women and their desperation to meet this Jesus face-to-face. These women broke all societal and religious boundaries because they knew without Him they had no hope. You see, they had heard about Jesus but they knew that wasn’t enough. They needed to get to know Him personally.

What about you? Are you thirsty? Bleeding? Dirty? Lonely?

Jesus is there. Reaching out His hand and offering you Eternal Life.

Check out Frank and Mary’s new book and experience the lives of five women and their ONE God: Jesus.

*Sale price and free offer expires 3/17/2015: www.thedayimetjesus.com