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This Thursday marks the beginning of a special time in my writing journey.

Several years ago God nudged me to write a book. Over the years I have written some, but have struggled to complete my manuscript. Recently, my wonderful husband encouraged me to take some dedicated time off to work on finishing my book.

After much prayer, I have committed to taking the month of August off from everything (yes, that includes paid work and hanging out with friends!) for focused writing time.

I love how my family and friends encourage me in my writing.

My sweet husband single-handedly moved a 500lb. armoire so I could have a writing room with a view of lush green space and a babbling brook. Several close friends have agreed to pray me through this time.

One dear friend gave me a basket full of goodies to spur me on in my writing venture. My favorite thing was a poem she crafted. I thought it fitting to share on my blog as a way to celebrate this special time!

A Not so Clever Poem entitled “Leigh is Writing a Book!

Yes, it is true, Leigh is writing a book

Why you ask? Well let’s take a look…

A long time ago … though not too, too long ago

God created a beautiful girl who liked to be on the go

She grew up spunky and strong and smart

But soon experienced things that broke her heart

This young child of God was hurt and confused

And eventually thought herself one to be used.

She burst into adulthood on the outside wild and free

Though her heart ached from within you see

She longed for love, belonging, acceptance in her mind

She tried everything, drugs and relationships of any kind

But her soul was not quiet, her heart not fulfilled

She searched and searched but nothing yet still

Years and years passed and much she had survived

But deep in her heart, she knew she was barely alive

At the end of her rope, no longer being able to cope

She opened a book and THERE she read words of HOPE!

What is our life all about? Where do we find true love?

“Here I am” God said to Leigh “My child simply look above”

Now a child of God made whiter than snow

This woman wants the world to know

No one is too lost, too bad, or too gone

To be loved by God, the Savior, the One

He is the filler of the voids we have within

He is her God, our God, we can trust in Him

Yes, it is true, Leigh is writing a book

In God’s timing, we can all take a look!

What have you been putting off that you believe God is calling you to complete? I would love to hear from you.