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Hey peeps! It’s Friday. Yea boy! Time to join Lisa-Jo Baker and all the peeps writing blog posts for #FMF (five-minute-friday). Today’s word: Race.


It seems like I’m always busy. Running here and there. This meeting, that one. Talk to her. Help her. Listen to them. Always on the go.

I love every minute of it. But sometimes I feel like it’s a race. A race to see who can get the most done in a day yes that’s me.

My mom used to say, “honey, you need to learn how to relax.” Relax? I am ADD. We don’t relax. We race until we are all wound down and then we crash.

In this fast-paced world in which we live, isn’t the only option to be in a hurry? Microwave ovens. Drive-thru dining. Fast-tracks. Hurry up. Let’s go. But where are we all going?


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