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My friend Sundi Jo is doing something about sex trafficking. In Moldolva. God has orchestrated a series of events so that she and a team of missionaries will go for 9 days to give hope to the outcast, downtrodden, hopeless. To the modern day lepers.

Imagine being forced to do sexual acts. Over and over again.

As a former prostitute held against my will for far too long, this trip is personal. Not just for the girls she’s going to help. But for me.

25 years ago when I was trapped, I couldn’t do anything. But today I’m free. And I can help. I can pray. I can spread the word to others so they can pray. I can help financially. Even if it is only a small amount. Remember the two loaves and the fish? The young man was willing to share. And Jesus turned it into enough for thousands. With baskets left over.

What are you willing to do?

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