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Today’s five-minute-friday is Focus. For more information, click here.


I mean really pay attention. Zero in. Zoom in. Listen up.

I have ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Aka, look, a chickenHow ironic that today’s five-minute-friday is on the word focus.

I tell myself hundreds of times a day to do just that: focus. Does it help? Not really. For a minute or two, maybe. But my mind wanders. Like a chicken. Pecking all around everywhere except where I need to be.

When I tell myself to focus, I begin obsessing about the word focus. I say it over and over and over again. Focus. Focus. Focus…focus…look a chicken!

See! I’m having a hard time focusing on the word focus. Except that I’m re-stating it over and over. Ugh.