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For Sale.

That’s what’s written on the sign in front of our house. We’ve been trying to sell it for over a month and have had lots of people stop by. We’ve had some interesting conversations to say the least.

Two little words, for sale. But they carry such weight. If you’ve ever sold a home before you know what it’s like. You keep your home neat and tidy and show it a lot. Hoping, praying for that right person to buy it.

It feels awkward having strangers roam about your home while you sit outside on the porch. I wonder what they are thinking. Feeling. It’s like we’re putting our house out there and allowing folks to “try it on” to see if it fits them.

When I was on the streets of Los Angeles, I experienced a similar phenomenon. Men would drive by my corner and check me out. Then decide if I was the right girl for them. Then purchase me. For an hour. It was horrific. But I was for sale. This was my life.

It’s not like I chose this life. It chose me. I’d experienced sexual abuse as a young girl by someone I trusted. And over time, I became highly sexualized. Being sold for sex was just another line I’d crossed. It was the natural progression after years of being seen as an object, not a person.

God rescued me from that pit over 20 years ago. But I continued to live life full of shame, self-hate and regret. I didn’t realize until 10 years ago that I’d been bought by the Only One who wouldn’t use me: Jesus. He’d been with me through it all. Caught my tears in his bottle (Psalms 56:8). Weeped when I was raped. Beaten. Left for dead.

It’s been a process. Realizing my new identity. I’ve struggled, at times, to understand the radical grace of Jesus Christ. How he could accept me after all I’ve done. As I draw closer to God, he reveals more of his love for me.

There’s a new sign outside the house of my soul. With one simple word:


If you get up close there are two words in tiny print: 


Maybe you’re feeling like you’ve done too many bad things to ever be redeemed by God. Maybe you think your sin is too big for the Cross of Christ. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Christ died once for ALL.

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Leigh A. Hudson

*photo credit: Leigh A. Hudson