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Life seems to be falling apart all around me. A family member and friend has cancer. Marriages are crumbling. Bills need to be paid and folks don’t have the money. And on and on it goes. It’s life, really. Isn’t it? And yet, the consistent response I hear is GratitudeGratitude for the opportunity to trust Jesus more.

As I think about my own gratitude, I ponder the word. What does it mean? Imply? Attitude is what comes to mind. My experience of gratitude is directly proportional to my positive attitude. A negative shift in attitude results in irritability, quickly followed by discontentedness. The antidote? A gratitude list.

If I simply cannot think of anything to be grateful for, I look at the grass, trees and flowers. I can be thankful for them. This helps me kick start my list. Once I start my list, it doesn’t take long before I am running out of white space on the page. As my list grows, my discontent lessens. Nothing has really changed in my circumstances. But my attitude sure has.

I want to respond like my family and friends. I’m learning to take a look at my attitude. Does it reflect gratitude in all situations? Growing in gratitude is a process.

Learning to be grateful,